Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals, Video Sample Assignment

Film a ritual or daily activity that you do here in Lake County that connects you to place or culture in some way.


  1. Identify the ritual or activity

  2. Identify how the ritual or activity relates to yourself, place, or culture

  3. Creatively consider how you might be able to connect these ideas in your video


  1. How will you tell the narrative of the ritual? Is the narrative linear or cyclical? What is the beginning, middle, and end?

  2. What framing devices will you use to tell this narrative? How will you establish continuity? (or break from it?) Establish wide scenes, close and mid scenes, utilization of match cuts, etc.

  3. Audio- use the sound of the action in the film. Will you also add voiceover of a story, history, or poetry to elaborate on your ritual and the connection to your roots?


With this assignment, teach principles of continuity and utilize examples.

Further Examples:

Creativity in Continuity: Maya Deren At Land (Match Cuts/Change in place), Meshes of the Afternoon (breaks continuity)