Postcards in Movement

Postcards in Movement, Animation Sample Assignment


15-30 seconds 1920x1080p, 30fps

Frame by frame/ rotoscoping assignment


Consider a space, place, or location that is important to you in Lake County - public or private. Film the space for a few minutes at different times of the day. Alternatively, do you already have a video of a meaningful space that you would like to work with?

  1. What makes this space important to you? What kind of experience do you have in this space? How did this space contribute to who you are?

  2. What is moving in the space? Is it very calm or is there a lot motion, rhythm, activity? Consider filming when there is a lot of activity if the later.

  3. What part of the space would you like to focus on when animating this assignment?


Consider the rhythm, pacing, and movement that occurs in the space. Do you want to emphasize that? Are there many people moving through? Is the space loud? What sounds happen here? How does it make you feel? Animate this experience utilizing frame by frame animation. Consider rotoscoping parts of the image which you want to highlight and make felt.


Robert Breer Fuji 1974 (Warning: some flickering images. Those with photo/light sensitivity may wish to abstain from viewing and/or watch in a safe space with another person present)

Bibiana Rojas Gómez Postales En Movimento