Sustainable Lake County

A Project by Voices of Lake County

Dawn at Half Day Forest Preserve in Lake County, Illinois

"Only the social sciences, humanities and the arts for people and the economy subjects − and the social sciences in particular − can help us understand how we can get policymakers to adopt the policies, taxes and regulations that can shift the structure of our economies on to a path to sustainability." 

Eric Neumayer and Charles Joly, London School of Economics and Political Science


We invite you to participate in Voices of Lake County, a multi-year, interdisciplinary series of collaborative projects across the Communication Arts, Fine Arts and Humanities division of College of Lake County, including work in composition, art, digital media, communication, humanities, theatre, dance and more.


Voices of Lake County seeks to celebrate, empower, and amplify voices from the wide range of communities located in Lake County, Illinois, especially those that have been historically silenced or underrepresented in higher education. Our goal is to showcase the diverse experiences of our region and encourage those from within and outside of Lake County to better understand and appreciate our unique neighborhoods, communities, histories, and cultures. 


Each year we will focus on a different collaborative project or theme. This theme for the 2023-2024 academic year is Sustainable Lake County, an exploration of environmentalism and sustainability in Lake County, Illinois through the lens of the arts and humanities. 

This year's project will include a series of related events (details to come), including:

Any member of the CLC community is invited to participate, but we encourage faculty to develop classroom projects and invite students to participate. The "Sample Projects" page includes ideas for projects that faculty across of variety of disciplines could implement into their courses.