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Free Tools for Creating Digital Postcards

  • Canva – Free and simple graphic design program that offers postcards templates. Students can create a free digital postcard and upload original artwork, photos, etc. Postcards can be sent electronically or saved as PDFs, printed, and mailed. Canva has thousands of copyright-free images built into the program that students can select from, or upload their own. Postcard designed using Canva are completely customizable.

  • Adobe Spark – Similar to Canva, Adobe Spark offers a number of free postcard templates. Add your own images, video clips or animated GIFs to create interactive postcards. Adobe Spark has thousands of copyright-free images build into the program, and students can customize the font, layout, colors, etc. Postcards can be downloaded, shared electronically, or printed.

  • CrelloCrello offers free design templates and is very similar to Canva. Both are easy to use, free, and offer postcard templates. Crello is more suitable for animated graphics.