Poet-Tree Project

Participate in the Poet-Tree Project

During fall 2023, the Voices of Lake County committee collected seeds from College of Lake County's Living Lab Trail, a 1.5 outdoor loop around CLC's Grayslake campus. The trail serves as a living laboratory, demonstrating sustainability (placing equal value on the environment, economy and human equity), promoting health and wellness, honoring cultural diversity and encouraging global outreach.

The seeds were incorporated into homemade seeded paper made out of recycled paper bags. The seeded paper leaves are used for classroom projects, poetry writing activities, and reflection opportunities following some of our sustainability events. Participants write short reflections and poems on the leaves cut from the seeded paper. The leaves will be on display at CLC during our spring 2024 Sustainability Fair on April 22. 

In May 2024, the trees will be planted on campus and the seeded paper leaves will be planted on the Living Lab Trail, and the words of our participants will return to the soil to bear fruit to another generation of native plants.

We invite faculty, staff, students and community members to create their own seeded paper leaf poems or writing reflections. We will gladly collect them for display on our Poet-Trees for the entire campus and community to enjoy.

If you would like to participate, please email CLC.Voices@clcillinois.edu for information on how you can obtain native seeds from the Living Lab Trail to incorporate into homemade seeded paper. (In order for your seeded paper leaves to be on display and planted on the Living Lab Trail, we ask that you please use seeds from plants on the trail.) Follow the instructions below to make your own homemade seeded paper!

How to Make Seeded Paper

Print Instructions - Scroll to view both pages or click top right corner to download

How to Make Seeded Paper Flyer.pdf


Have fun!